What is Pre K?

Pre-KAt ‘Hmañ ‘shawa ECDC, our Pre K (Pre-kindergarten) program is a little more structured than Preschool because the children (age 4) are a little bit older and getting ready to make the leap into kindergarten!

The Creative Curriculum and the Arizona Early Learning Standards are designed to prepare your children for Kindergarten by teaching letters, words, math concepts, and valuable social and emotional skills. Small group instruction, independent play, and whole group activities help children gain the necessary skills for Kindergarten.

During group time the teacher brings the students together for morning routines, calendar activities, literacy building, and discussion of the day’s activities. The children also participate in a comprehensive physical education program twice a week.

Full Day Pre K in Fort McDowell

Our Pre K is a full day program from 8:30am to 3:00 pm Monday to Thursday and runs from August to the end of June. A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served daily; feel free to check out our monthly menu on our resources page.

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